Kobe City:Floor Guide of Kobe Chuo Municipal Library



1st Floor:Popular library

A total number of 150,000 (general) books. For people who have weak eyesight, there is a corner of large print books.

  • Magazines
    Approximately 150 popular magazines. The most recent issue cannot be taken out.
  • Foreign books corner
    Approximately 1,200 foreign language books.
  • Kobe Home Town Library Corner
    A number of 2,000 popular books : part of Kobe Home Town Library.
  • Audio-visual corner
    Within the library, it is possible to watch DVD / video or listen to music by CD / LP (Vinyl Record), per person, once a day. Please ask at the information desk.
  • Children's book corner
    Approximately 50,000 juvenile and picture books. Also there is a corner of foreign picture books, called "Kobe Kiwanis Library". In the corner, almost 1,200 foreign picture books are available.

2nd Floor:Kobe Home Town Library , Storage of Newspapers

About 20,000 books, magazines, maps and other materials related to Kobe. These books cannot be taken out.
Materials related to the earthquake in the southern part of Hyogo prefecture in 1995 (Hanshin Awaji Great Earthquake) are also available. (1.17 Library)

  • Storage of newspapers
    Newspapers since the beginning of the Meiji era, on microfilm, original paper or reduced size.

3rd Floor:Reference and Specialized library

  • Reference books
    Approximately 3,000 dictionaries, encyclopedia and other reference books. These books cannot be taken out.
  • Specialized books
    A number of 35,000 technical and academic books.
  • Magazines
    Approximately 200 technical and academic magazines. Some titles and the most recent issue cannot be taken out.
  • Information and inquiries desk
    Help with inquiries and research
    Telephone number for inquiries and information : 078-341-6737