Sannomiya Service Center

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At Sannomiya Service Center, we issue all Chuo Ward related certification.
Please go to each Ward office for the following; moving registration (Jyumin-idoutodoke),seal registration (Inkan Toroku), national insurance (Kokumin hoken) , pension (Nenkin), and school attendance.

What we do

・Copy of current Residential Certificate (Jyumin-Hyou no Utsushi)
・Certificate of Registered Matters on the current Residential Certificate (Jyuminhyou-kisaijikou-Shoumeisho)
・Certificate of Seal (Name Stamp) Registration (Inkantouroku-shoumeisho)
・Certificate of Registered Matters on the Alien Registration (Gaikokujin Touroku Genpyou Kisai Jikou Shoumei sho)
・Certificate of Removal from One's Family Register (Kosekitoushouhon, except before 1973) : Address History Certificate(Koseki no fuhyou)
・Certificate of Tax Payment (Nouzei-shoumeisho) for nearest 3 years
・Proof of Earnings (Shotoku-shoumeisho), Taxation Certificate (Kazei-shoumeisho) within the last 3 years
・Fixed assessment certification (Koteishisan-hyoka-shoumeisho) for nominal person only


South Side of JR Sannomiya Station, 2nd Floor of Traffic Center Building (Koutsu-senta-biru)Address: 1‐10‐1 Sannomiya-cho, Chuo-ku TEL.078-333-1211


Opening hours

Opening hours
DayTimes for Immediate Issue of CertificatesOther Times  During this time, we do not issue certificates. You can only request and pick the certificates up.
Saturday, Sunday, Holidays9:00-17:00
*We do not provide immediate issue Certificates of Copy and Abstract of Family Register (Koseki tou-/shou-hon). We only accept your request.* We cannot issue documents that cannot be issued by Computers.

Closed on the following days

- 1st Sunday of the Month
- 3rd - 5th May
- New Year period (29th December - 3 rd January)
- Please ask the Sannomiya Service Corner for extra holidays (2 to 3 times a year)