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A long time ago, the Ikuta River flowed south from the intersection of Kano-cho along Flower Road. One year, when there was a severe rain, people moved busily about on the riverbanks, stacking sandbags to reinforce weak spots. "Is the bank OK over there?"

ill16.gif"Hey, over here, the bank upstream is about to break!" Several people grabbed sandbags and rushed upstream. The rain, continuing for several days, caused the dirty water of the Ikuta River to increase, and the flow was strong. There were several spots along the banks that looked like they would break soon, but as night fell there were no more sandbags left for reinforcement.

The exhausted people went into the watch lodge on the hill by the bank, where they sat with extreme fatigue. Then they heard sounds of something dragging, then a booming sound, then something rubbing against something else. It sounded like something heavy was being dragged; the sound came from the direction of the river. Another dragging sound, then the sound of something heavy falling in to the water, then water gurgling… It sounded as if something was sinking into the river.

However, the villagers were too tired to go back outside, and one by one fell asleep.

ill17.gifWhen morning came, they found that the sky had cleared and the sun was shining. People got up, went outside to look at the banks, and exclaimed. "Oh my, look there! There's a big tree stuck there, and the bank looks ready to give way!"

"The bank has been reinforced with a big rock." "Look, the Kitamuki-Jizou is on top of the rock!" "That sound we heard last night was the doings of Kitamuki-Jizou. He came to fix the weakened bank. He protected our village." The thankful people built a hall enshrining Kitamuki-Jizou west of Ikuta River.