Chuo Ward Floor Guide

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Chuo Ward Floor Guide
FloorNameService Contents 
8Eastern Hygiene Inspection Office
(Toubu Eiseikanshi Jimusho)
Services concerning food hygiene, environmental health, consultation on pets and pest control, etc. .Tel.232-4651
7Social Insurance and Medical Expenses Division
(Hoken Nenkin Iryou-ka)
National Health Insurance, National Pension, and Long-Term Care Insurance. Consultation concerning medical expenses etc.To 7th Floor Guide
6Health and Welfare Division
(Kenko Fukushi-ka)
Health counseling, medical check-ups for infants and vaccinations. (For inquiries and applications, please go to the 5th Floor.) 
5Health and Welfare Division
(Kenko Fukushi-ka)
Services related to health issues of Chuo Ward residents, public funding for medical costs, welfare services for the elderly, child-raising issues and registration of dogs / pets etc.To 5th Floor Guide
Child and Family Support Division (Kodomo Katei Shien-ka)Services concerning child raising such as issuance of maternal handbooks, vaccinations, child allowances and nursery centers
Ward Council of Social Welfare
(Chuo-ku Shakai Fukushi Kyougikai)
Provides domestic care assistance for Chuo Ward's elderly citizens who reside alone. Services related to centers (Jido-kan) for after-school care, child support and child-related community activities. Consultation on volunteer activities, wheel chair rental service, and community fund-raising.
4General Affairs Division
Maintenance of the ward office building, residence addresses and services concerning statistics, disaster prevention and elections.To 4th Floor Guide
Community Development Division
(Machizukuri Suishin-ka)
Consultation on community development issues and services related to the Ward's public relations and announcements.
Community Support Division
(Machizukuri Shien-ka)
Support of community events, beautification and increasing verdure in the community, crime prevention, etc. In charge of activities of local groups such as clubs for senior citizens and children as well as local welfare centers.
3Chuo Ward Municipal Tax Office
(Chuo Shizei jimusyo)
Municipal tax related issues.To 3rd Floor Guide
Ward Payment Office
Payment of Municipal Tax, National Health Insurance, etc.
2Resident Services Division (Shimin-ka)Services concerning resident cards and census registration (moving-in/out), certificates of special permanent resident, temporary vehicle registration, etc.To 2nd Floor Guide
1Health and Welfare Division
(Kenko Fukushi-ka)
Services concerning the welfare of physically disabled people.To 1st Floor Guide
Public Assistance Division
Services concerning livelihood assistance.