How to Ride the City Subway

How to Purchase Tickets

How to Charge an IC Card

If you have any difficulties, do not walk away from the machine.
Please press the “Call” button on the machine.
A station staff member will assist you.
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    Put your IC card into the IC card Charge Slot on the machine.
    Select the amount of money you would like to add to the card balance.
    Insert your money. If you would like a receipt, push the receipt button.
    When the charge has been completed, take your IC card. Please remember to take your receipt and any change.

How to Pass Through the Ticket Gates

For Tickets & Prepaid Cards

Insert your ticket or prepaid card into the slot on the machine. Pass through the gate and collect your ticket on the other side.

Tickets, Prepaid Cards, The ticket gate

For IC Cards

Touch your IC card to the reader on the top of the ticket gate and pass through.

The ticket gate