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Site of Kobe with fascinating sightseeing, event information and landscape pictures, and materials for postcard

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Photo a la Carte - a web magazine focusing on Kobe's charm from various aspects through photos

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"Kobe City Museum of Literature" outside (picture)

"Kobe City Museum of Literature" outside

Floor map

history of Kobe's literature scene "Kobe City Museum of Literature"

After the Meiji Restoration, port city Kobe had quickly developed as a doorway to other countries. It had fostered a new bud in the field of literature and art because Kobe itself had influenced various men of the arts. This atmosphere had produced many writers, so a lot of works whose writers were charmed by Kobe and visited there are found here. Kobe City Museum of Literature introduces writers who played active parts in Kobe in each era, Meiji, Taisho, Showa and Heisei, along with photograph of those days.

*Permanent exhibition zone

This introduces literary persons who have a connection with Kobe after the Meiji era with photo graphs also illustrationg the times.

  • Taisho / Kobe Roman and a rise of the literature
  • Showa (before war) / deepening Kobe's modern literature
  • Showa (after war) / a rise of culture from ruin
  • Air raid / drawing in the ruins of a fire
  • Earthquake / Earthquake Renaissance
Permanent exhibition zone (picture)

Permanent exhibition zone

Iku Takenaka area (picture)

Iku Takenaka area

*Iku Takenaka area

A poet representing Kobe, a part of his study

*Literature Map in Kobe

Writers' foot prints on some spots in Kobe are shown on the map.

*Seminar area

Lecture to popularize literature and communication events are held

*Plan exhibition zone

Hosts exhibitions about Kobe literature themed by time period.

Seminar area at the back of the exhibition zone (picture)

Seminar area at the back of the exhibition zone

Book shelf of Kobe (picture)

Book shelf of Kobe

*Book shelf of Kobe

This is a space where you can read the works of writers based mainly in Kobe. In the sunlight, you can relax imaging the old Kobe which was a central place in the stories. You can serve coffee or tea yourself. (¥200)

Unexpected writers have also connection with Kobe.

Permanent exhibition lets us know that many writers moved to Kobe from their base, Tokyo or Yokohama. Yokohama port couldn't function because of the earthquake, the greater rule Kobe port played, the more writers made connection to Kobe with various culture which would have come normally by way of Yokohama port.

"Literature" great power to revive culture

Great flood in Hanshin, air raid and earthquake, Kobe has recovered from disasters many times. Through many works we can feel that the cultural revival of Kobe has been accomplished by art like literature each time.

A desk and the chair which was used by writer Itsuko Okabe. (picture 1)

A desk and the chair which was used by writer Itsuko Okabe. Sitting on the seat, you can savor a the feeling of being a writer.

Booklet of seeing around literature (picture)
*Kobe City Museum of Literature
Open weekday 10:00~18:00
Saturday, Sunday, holiday 9:00~17:00
Close Wednesday (next day in the case of holiday)
around end of year ( December 28 ~ January 4)
Fee free
Access JR Nada station: about 600m northwest from the north exit
Hankyu: Oji Park station about 500m west from west exit
Hanshin: Iwaya station about 850m northwest
City bus: Oji Zoo stop about 200m west
*No parking Use public transportation
Address 〒657-0838 2-1-3-chome, Oji-machi, Nada-ku, Kobe
Tel/Fax 078-882-2028

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