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Bringing you videos showing various aspects of the diverse city of Kobe.

PR video of Kobe from Andres Iniesta

Kobe and Barcelona signed an agreement to become sister cities in 1993, and have since engaged in many exchange activities in culture, music and sports. This year marks the 25th anniversary of our sister city relationship.

From the world to Japan, through Kobe

The “From the world to Japan, through Kobe” series tells the fascinating stories of how things we take for granted today spread around Japan, starting from the cosmopolitan city of Kobe.

First Jazz in Japan

Find out about how Jazz was introduced to Japan through Kobe in this video.

First Marathon in Japan

Find out about how the first race to be called a Marathon in Japan started in Kobe in this video.

First Aquarium in Japan

Find out about how the first proper aquarium in Japan was built in Kobe in this video.

First Movies in Japan

Find out about how the first moving pictures in Japan were shown in Kobe in this video.

First Tailoring in Japan

Find out about how western tailoring was introduced to Japan through Kobe in this video.

Kobe PR Ambassadors videos


Kobe PR Ambassadors Appointment Ceremony 2018-2019.

25 people from 15 countries and regions were appointed as Kobe PR Ambassadors for 2018/2019 by the Mayor of Kobe in a ceremony on April 24,2018.

KOBE PR Ambassador’s First Tour May 27th, 2018

KOBE PR Ambassador’s enjoyed Mt. Rokko that is national park on May 27th! It was so relaxing with beautiful weather.

2nd KOBE PR Ambassadors Tour / Akashi Kaikyo Bridge

While learning about the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge’s construction and history, the KOBE PR Ambassadors joined a popular tour of an area of the bridge that people normally cannot enter. The PR Ambassadors took many memorable photos and videos and will post their impressions on social media.

3rd KOBE PR Ambassadors Tour / Kande Farm Village

The 3rd Kobe PR Ambassadors Tour involved hunting for the delicious flavors of fall produce in Kobe. Our PR Ambassadors had a lot of fun harvesting rice in the traditional style using a sickle, picking juicy mandarin oranges, and digging around for sweet potatoes.

4th KOBE PR Ambassadors Tour/ Arima

For this year’s fourth KOBE PR Ambassadors tour, they took a walk in Arima, which is awashed in the deepening colors of autumn. Called “Kansai’s inner parlor”, Arima is a hot spring district full of history and in recent years has become popular with foreign visitors. The KOBE PR Ambassadors enjoyed Japan’s elegant beauty while also having fun interacting with the locals.


Kobe PR Ambassadors Appointment Ceremony 2017-2018

25 people from 16 countries and regions were appointed as Kobe PR Ambassadors for 2017/2018 by the Mayor of Kobe in a ceremony on April 28, 2017.

Kobe PR Ambassadors Hiking Tour: Kobe, Japan

The Kobe PR Ambassadors went for a hike starting from Shin Kobe station, passing Nunobiki Falls, Miharashi Observatory, Gohonmatsu Dam and on to Futatabi Park, where they had a guided tour of the Kobe Foreigners'
Cemetery. They learned about the impact that non-Japanese people have had on the history of Kobe since the Port of Kobe was opened in 1868.
Kobe PR Ambassadors- promoting Kobe’s attractions through social media.

Kobe PR Ambassadors #KobePort150 tour

Tall ships visited Kobe Port to celebrate the Port's 150th Anniversary, and the Kobe PR Ambassadors boarded a ship to see them on their way to Kobe, before getting up close from land. They then visited Meriken Park, which has been renovated for the 150th Anniversary.

Kobe PR Ambassadors Tour Art, History and Sake in Kobe

Join the Kobe PR Ambassadors as they take part in the Kobe Port City Art Festival, go on a tour of historical Kobe, and try delicious local sake.

Kobe PR Ambassadors Eight Shrines Tour

Discover the traditional Japanese side of Kobe, Japan with the Kobe PR Ambassadors as they take a visit to Ikuta Shrine's eight subsidiary shrines on the fourth tour of 2017-2018.

Kobe PR Ambassadors strawberry picking and Valentine's sweets tour

Join the Kobe PR Ambassadors as they go picking delicious strawberries in
Kobe's Kita ward, and as they make delicious Valentine's chocolate tarts
using fresh Kobe strawberries on the fifth and final tour of 2017-2018.
See the recipe and full details at www.kobe-pra.com.


Higashinada Sweets Meguri and Sake Factory Tour: Higashinada Ward, Kobe, Japan

Kobe PR Ambassadors get a taste of the Higashinada Sweets Meguri, starting on Saturday 15th October and lasting until Wednesday 23rd November. They also visit Hakutsuru Sake Brewery and take a behind-the-scenes look at the factory. Kobe PR Ambassadors- promoting Kobe’s attractions through social media.

Arima Tour: Kita Ward, Kobe, Japan

The Kobe PR Ambassadors visited Arima in Kobe, a place famous for its onsen (hot springs), but which has much more to see than that. They find out how the area's famous speciality "tansan senbei" wafers are made, and visit a geisha cafe to chat with Hyogo Prefecture's only working geisha (or "geiko", the name for geisha in Kansai). They also enjoy the Arima Toys and Automata Museum. Kobe PR Ambassadors- promoting Kobe’s attractions through social media.

Port of Kobe - Logistics

This video illustrates the logistics functions of the Port of Kobe, such as a comprehensive sea-land network, advanced cargo-handling and state-of-the-art facilities.

If you receive a disaster alert, do you know what to do? (Sand Art)

This moving video by Kobe City (with English subtitles) featuring a sand art performance by Asa from the group SILT shows how important it is to be prepared for disasters such as landslides.

Find out more information in English about disasters and emergencies in Kobe by exploring the links on this page

For in-depth information in Japanese about disaster preparedness in Kobe, see

Kobe 2020 Vision: Interview with the Mayor of Kobe

The Mayor of Kobe, Mayor Hisamoto speaks about Kobe’s appeals and challenges, and why “Kobe, a city young people are looking to” was chosen as the theme of the 2020 Vision.

Introducing National Model United Nations - Japan which will be held in Kobe in November 2016.

The activities of Model United Nations are aimed at deepening the understanding of international issues by simulating the UN system. Delegates from diverse cultural backgrounds negotiate and discuss these issues in order to develop policy proposals. NMUN is an excellent opportunity to enhance negotiating skills, leadership and the persuasive power of each participant.
Kobe City University of Foreign Studies hosts NMUN for the very first time in Japan.

New Kobe, New Mission

This video introduces Kobe as a city which is proactively moving on to a new stage in its development, building upon the experiences gained and lessons learned through the restoration process following the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake in 1995.

Find Kobe Next Saturday


Introducing Kobe's cuisine through the eyes of local high school students.

Summer 2015.
Twenty years since the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake.
Girls who are about to enter university and college make a plan to adventure through the city finding Kobe's treasures.
The adventure will happen next Saturday.
"I want to find the hidden treasures of the city, that nobody around the world knows."
The sea, fields, the city- they fly around them like the wind, finding new treasures and new people.
Everything shines and glitters like jewellery. Like the glistening city.
They will find Kobe, and its treasures.


This hand creates one of Kobe’s treasures. FIND KOBE.

○Suma Nori
After the series of failures and successes by the harvesters and producers, the Suma Seaweed has become to be called the top brand seaweed in Japan. The seaweed that has grown soft and rich in the sea is now reeled in one after another onto the boat and cut by the cutter.

○KOBE strawberry
The Kobe strawberries glisten in brilliant red just like jewelries. One out of every two strawberries is winnowed out to grow for shipment so that as much Umami and sour flavor as possible are condensed into one piece.

T“KOBE FISH” which is the only local dish of Kobe and can be regarded as a treasure of this city is made from small juvenile fish called “sand lance” caught off Kobe.From 2 centimeters to 3 centimeters long are the best sizes to make the best KOBE FISH.


This hand creates one of Kobe’s treasures. FIND KOBE.

Kobe figs have a refreshing sweetness and soft texture are unequalled compared to others, this is due to being sun ripened up to the very last minute. The skilled farmer knows just the right time to harvest each fruit to ensure proper ripeness.

AKITO produces jam made from locally harvested fruit. During fig season, they produce a tart which is one of their most popular specialities. The item that AKITO is most well known for is its strawberry jam made with Kobe strawberries. Each bottle is carefully packed and proudly labeled as a product being made by the hand of one of the top patissiers of Kobe.

One of the chef specialities is a comporte made with Kobe Figs. The figs are cooked whole, to ensure a soft texture and to bring out the full sun-kissed flavor of the Kobe fig.
Kobe Brandy Cake, is another highly recommended taste of Kobe. An old-fashioned pound cake made with finely ground flour, fresh milk, butter and Kobe brandy that draws the world’s attention.
Experience its moist texture and slightly bitter taste, truly a treat for those who have a refined palate and enjoyend finer things in life.

Why choose Kobe?

This video takes a look at Kobe's comfortable living environment for international employees through a day in the life of a family, and shows why Kobe is a great city to do business in.

Tourism videos

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