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Kobe PR AmbassadorsThe Kobe PR Ambassadors are non-Japanese people who live, work or study in Kobe with a passion for the city, who share their experiences and promote Kobe in English via social media and online.
PR Ambassadors are appointed as volunteers for one year, during which time they deepen their knowledge and experience of Kobe through tours/events and newsletters, meet likeminded PR Ambassadors, and share their own Kobe with the world. Posts are shared on the Kobe PR Ambassadors official Facebook and Twitter accounts- hubs for all PR Ambassador activity.

2017-2018 Kobe PR Ambassador Profiles

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2016-2017 Kobe PR Ambassador Profiles

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・Regular posting in English on social media/online about daily life in Kobe and the city’s attractions (such as sake, sweets and gourmet)
・Promoting local area hidden charms and attractions in Kobe found through daily life in the city
・Proactively participating in tours/events organised by the Kobe City Government, and posting on social media etc. with information and opinions about the tour/event
・Reading the Kobe PR Ambassador newsletter sent by the Kobe City Government once per month, and using it to proactively visit and post about attractions and events around Kobe
・Participating in periodic opinion exchange meetings organised by the Kobe City Government to get together with other PR Ambassadors and share opinions about Kobe PR Ambassador activities
・Proactively cooperate with other requests from the Kobe PR Ambassador scheme administrators such as completing surveys, creating online content etc.

2016-2017 Activity Schedule

2017-2018 Activity Schedule

Guidelines (2017-2018)


Applications are now closed for the 2018-2019 Kobe PR Ambassadors. Thank you very much to all those who applied.

Appointment period (2017-2018)

Day of appointment until March 31st 2018


For queries (Japanese or English): kobe_pra at (replace "at" with "@") or 078-322-5013

Please note, enquiries via email and telephone can only be viewed/taken from 8:45am to 5:30pm on weekdays.

Facebook: Kobe PR Ambassadors
Twitter: @Kobe_PRA