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About the Kobe International Club

"The Kobe International Club" was started as a new platform for people around the world who love Kobe and want to support the city. Club members are fans of Kobe who live abroad, engaging in a wide range of activities such as promoting the many things that make Kobe a wonderful city and providing useful information for Kobe’s development. Now, in addition to promoting the club through the Kobe City Government web site, when the Mayor of Kobe on overseas business trips, he will call on local groups to set up their own branches of the Kobe International Club.

1. Who can join?

Anyone, regardless of nationality, who currently lives abroad and has experience studying, working or living in Kobe, or who wishes to support Kobe is welcome to join the club.

All members of the Kobe International Club belong to one of its branches. There are two ways to become a member:
1. If there is not yet a branch I your area, you can set up your own local branch, and engage in activities as a member of that branch
2. If there is already a branch in your area, you can contact them and enquire about joining via one of their social network pages. If you are having trouble getting in touch then please contact the club secretariat.

At present, there are club branches in the following locations:
・Vancouver Branch
<United States of America>
・Silicon Valley (San Francisco Branch)
・Seattle Branch
・New York Branch
・Philadelphia Branch

2.Suggested activities

・Promoting Kobe through local events, social media etc.
・Providing useful information related to city promotion for Kobe’s development
・Regularly holding local meetings
・Making efforts to increase club membership

3.Club Organization

・Chairman: Mayor of Kobe
・Secretariat: International Department, Office of the Mayor
・Membership fee: Free of charge
・Sending information to members: Information about Kobe provided in a monthly newsletter

4.Club logo

The club logo was designed by Creative Director of the Kobe City Government, Mr. Yoshihiko Yamasaka.

Kobe International Club LogoThe club logo was designed by combining four of the city emblems to create a representation of the earth. It portrays Kobe’s expanding impression on the rest of the world. It can also be viewed as a large flower that, like Kobe’s future, is blooming.

Kobe International Club Business Card Sample(Sample Business Card)
※Business Card data will be sent to members.

5.Membership Inquiries

For inquiries please contact:  kokusai@office.city.kobe.lg.jp