Mayor of Kobe

Greeting from the Mayor

Greeting on the second term as Mayor of Kobe

MayorAt the Kobe mayoral election that took place on the 22 October 2017, the citizens of Kobe placed their trust and confidence in me, and I was elected for the second time to lead the Kobe City Government. Once more, I feel acutely the great weight of the responsibility and the task which I have been assigned.

In the four years of my first term leading up to now, I worked as hard as possible to further restoration, reconstruction and financial rebuilding after the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, taking on issues that had not yet been addressed. I worked to strengthen the transport network across land, sea and air by undertaking projects such as the western extension of the Expressway No.5 Bayshore Route, the expansion of Port of Kobe – a strategic international container port, improving access to Kobe airport, and beginning its operation as a concession, bringing all 3 airports in Kansai under the same operator. Linked to this I worked to implement new policies across a number of fields including city center redevelopment, safety and security, the environment, the arts and sports. Now, Kobe is at the doorway of a great transformation, and is taking confident steps towards a bright future.

Looking to my second term and the next four years, it is an extremely crucial time, which will set the direction for the future City of Kobe. In addition to continuing with the projects that we have been implementing until now, I want to strike a good balance between the different fields in which we are implementing projects, demonstrating a comprehensive approach. And, in addition to improving the standard of living and income of Kobe’s citizens, I will make two of my top priorities the building of charming local areas, and the solving of issues at a local level, in order to lift Kobe to new heights.

With the activities of the last four years as a foundation, I would like to leave a wonderful Kobe for the children of the next generation. I will work as hard as I possibly can so that Kobe’s future is a bright one, and therefore I would humbly like to ask all of the citizens of Kobe for your humble support and cooperation with this.

November 20, 2017

Kizo Hisamoto
Mayor of Kobe

Mayor Profile


Date and Place of Birth

Born 1st February 1954 in Hyogo-ku, Kobe City

Personal History

Attended Kobe City Municipal Kawaike Elementary School, and graduated from Obu Elementary School, Kobe City Municipal Yamada Junior High School and Nada High School
March 1976
 Graduated from the University of Tokyo Faculty of Law and joined the former Ministry of Home Affairs. Worked successively in various posts such as:
  Director, Planning Division, Aomori Prefecture
  Deputy Director, Hazardous Materials Regulation Division, Fire and Disaster Management Agency
  Director, Local Affairs Division, General Affairs Department, Kyoto Prefecture
  Director-General, Local Finance Bureau, Sapporo City
  Councillor, Cabinet Secretariat
  Director, Financial Management Division, Local Public Finance Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
 Also within the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications:
January 2003  Director, Local Administration Division, Local Administration Bureau
January 2005  Deputy Director-General, Minister's Secretariat
 (Responsible for local administration/local public service personnel system and elections) 
July 2006  Executive Director, Election Department, Local Administration Bureau
July 2008  Director-General, Local Administration Bureau
April 2011  [Concurrently] President, Local Autonomy College
 After leaving the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications:
November 2012  Vice Mayor of Kobe
November 2013  16th Mayor of Kobe (first term)
November 2017  16th Mayor of Kobe (second term)

Person he respects

Akira Shimada, Governor of Okinawa Prefecture during the WWII Battle of Okinawa


Wife, Yuko Hisamoto (Musician, and Associate Professor at Kunitachi College of Music)